Glass Boiler
September 28, 2020
Stainless Steel Boiler
September 28, 2020
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Glass Boiler


We provide you with a wide variety of electrical boilers manufactured of the high equality thermal glass secure to the environment within the best standards of providing energy. The same combines between high performance and contemporary appearance and is available in different colors.

  • Automatic disconnection.
  • Powerful electrical heater.
  • Energy saving technique.
  • Glass/ Stainless steel boiler.
  • Capacity of 1.5 / 1.8 liters.
  • 1500 Watt.
  • 220 volts.
  • 50/60 Hz.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • Ring base of an angle of 360 degrees.
  • LED light.
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